21 December 2016
HEMS operators are represented by two EHAC experts on the EASA Rotorcraft Sectorial Committee
In the course of reorganising the various EASA advisory bodies, EHAC has been granted two seats on the Rotorcraft Sectorial Committee, which has been established to have a better representation of the rotorcraft industry in the previsouly fixed-wing - dominated system. EHAC very much appreciates the new approach and the invitation to the committee.

06 December 2016
EHAC study reveils: Age 60 rules neither rational nor fair
The results from the study commissioned by EHAC and conducted by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational Health at the University of Munich clearly indicate that there are no indications justifying the current rulemaking. The EASA senior management has been informed by EHAC President Stefan Becker about both findings and recommendations resulting from the study. Further inforation will be available for EHAC members in January 2017.