29 April 2016
Stefan Becker meets with EASA Flight Standards Director Ricardo Génova Galván
The EASA FS Director was very interested in the characteristics of modern helicopter operation during his visit to Switzerland. Especially the hot topic "Age 60" was addressed and the commenced constructive dialogue is about to be continued.

26 April 2016
EASA withdraws PAD 15-117 on simple PCDS
Based on the industry's comments, EASA has come to the conclusion there is insufficient evidence that an unsafe condition (or its potential) exists for in-service simple PCDS. Consequently, the proposed AD (PAD) No. 15-117 has been withdrawn.

17 March 2016
EHAC starts preparations for the upcoming AIRMED World Congress 2017
EHAC's experts in the Medical Working Group have started to work on the scientific programme of the AIRMED 2017 World Congress. Together with experts from all over the world, an innovative, informative and inspiring programme will be set up again.